Friday protests continue against the Wall
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Friday protests continue against the Wall

This past Friday, people in Ni’lin, Ma’sara, Jayyous and Bi’lin held their weekly demonstrations. Hundreds turned out; some on the occasion of Mother’s Day and others in support of the American activist wounded the week prior in Ni’lin. Demonstrations in Wadi Rasha have halted for the time being, as Occupation forces have temporarily halted uprooting trees.

In N’lin, hundreds of people turned out for the protest, many in solidarity with Tristan Anderson, the activist critically wounded last Friday. Demonstrators set up barricades on village roads and burned tires, and local youth clashed with soldiers. However, soldiers did not invade the village. Six people were injured with rubber bullets.

The demonstration in Bi’lin went as usual, with participants gathering after the mid-day prayers and marching toward the Wall, where they were met with barrages of tear gas. Demonstrators called for Palestinian unity and decried the ongoing destruction of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem.

In Ma’sara, some 250 people joined the weekly protest, which was held in commemoration of Mother’s Day. Half of the participants were women, two of whom were beaten by Occupation police forces. Soldiers also injured 10-year-old Sa’id Suleiman Brajeyeh, who required stitches in his hand.