Friday anti-Wall protests commemorate Land Day
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Friday anti-Wall protests commemorate Land Day

Large numbers of participants was a feature of this Friday’s actions, which were held in commemoration of Land Day. Protests against the Wall were held in the usual locations of Jayyous, Ni’lin, al-Ma’sra and Bi’lin. After a brief hiatus last week, violence is escalating again in Ni’lin, where a local youth was shot with live ammunition.

***image2***Demonstrations began across the West Bank after mid-day prayers. In Ni’lin, the demonstration was dedicated to the people of Umm al-Fahm and their stand against state-sponsored racism this past week. Some 800 persons participated in the protest, and as they were marching to Wall they were met by barrages of bullets and tear gas. Clashes ensued, with Occupation forces eventually invading the village from three sides. Over the course of the day, upwards of 200 rounds of tear gas were fired among houses, shops and streets. Rubber or live bullets injured four people. Among them, Baha’ Muhammad Abdelqadar al-Khawajeh was hit with live ammunition in the leg and had to be rushed to a hospital in Ramallah for treatment.

Hundreds participated in the al-Ma’sra demonstration, and five people were injured. Demonstrators left the center of the village where they marched to road, which was blocked by soldiers and barbed wire. Villagers stood face to face with soldiers, shouting slogans and demanding an end to the occupation. Soldiers physically assaulted five persons, including several photographers.

In Bi’lin, demonstrators marched to the Wall carrying Palestinian flags, signs and banners. Occupation forces stationed at the Wall fired on the crowd, and four were injured with rubber bullets while tens more were affected by tear gas.

The weekly demonstration in Jayyous was slightly different, with villagers changed the route and marching to the west gate instead of the south. This was on account of one resident living near the south gate, whose health has been seriously affected by the tear gas fired by soldiers next to and on his property. Soldiers invaded the village soon after the crowd arrived at the gate, occupying two homes and firing tear gas and rubber bullets at local youth. Several people were injured when they were hit with rubber bullets.