List of Global Actions for March 30
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List of Global Actions for March 30

List of Global Actions March 30:
Palestinian Land Day celebrated as the First Global BDS Action Day


Buenos Aires, March 30: Commemoration of Land Day as a shared history of land confiscation in both Argentina and Palestine and film screenings organized by Ya Basta! association.


Melbourne, March 28: “Dump Connex” Campaign action. Also, a Palestine film festival will be held in Footscray. Both events are sponsored by International Women’s Peace Service in Palestine and Direct Action.

Melbourne, March 30: The launch of the “The Sack Connex, Boycott Israel” campaign will be launched by the Coalition of Palestine support groups.

Across Australia, March 30: Beginning on March 30 and running until 3 April, Students for Palestine is organizing a week of activities on campuses’ across the country.


The Hague – Brussels, March 28 – 31: Cycling event calling for suspension of the EU – Israel Association Agreement. Bicyclists will begin at the International Courts of Justice at The Hague on the 28th and arrive at European Parliament in Brussels on the 31st to deliver petition to European MPs. Organized by The Peace Cycle.


Across Brazil, March 30: Various BDS actions and demonstrations

Sao Paulo, March 30: Demonstration in support of BDS and against the Mercosur – Israel FTA organized by Frente de Solidariedade ao Povo Palestino


Toronto, March 30: “Resisting War from Gaza to Kandahar” George Galloway talk organized by the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War (note: Galloway has been banned by Canadian authorities from entering the country).

Toronto, March 30: Boycott flyering outside Chapters/Indigo to educate about the majority shareholders funding of the Heseg Foundation.

Montreal, March 30: Demonstration in front of the Israeli consulate organized by CJPP


Quito, March 30: Mass demonstration and the inauguration of three panels discussing Palestinian identity. Panel 1, “Imperialism and phases of global domination”

Quito, March 31: Panel 2, “Resistance of the Palestinian People and International Solidarity”

Quito, April 1: Panel 3, “History and solidarity actions in Ecuador”

Quito, April 2: Video Forum on the current situation of the Palestinians


Nantes, March 26: Film screening of ” The Iron Wall” and debate organized by Young Muslims in France

Lille, March 28: Demonstration at 3.30 pm at Euralille organized by AFPS

Manosque, March 28: Conference for the Land Day with Nidal Shiwani and Rene Brackman organized by AFPS

Le Mans, March 28: Day of solidarity with the Palestinian People organized by AFPS

St Brieuc, March 28: Film screening of “The Iron Wall” and debate organized by AFPS

St Denis (near Paris), March 28/29: Conference on the Right to Return

Paris, March 28: Demonstration at 2 pm, Place du Chatelet organized by a coalition of organizations

Paris, March 28: Concert at 7.30 pm at the Palais des Congrès de Paris. (Métro : Porte Maillot Périphérique : sortie Porte Maillot, St Denis (near Paris) organized by AFPS

Marseille, March 30: Panel discussion at 7 pm at the CRDP, Amphi Paul Cezanne (Metro Saint-Charles) . Speakers: Mme Alima Boumediene-Thiery, Maitre Gilles-Devers, spokesperson of the NGO coalition that has brought a case against Israel in front of the International Criminal Court , M.Nabil El Haggar, vice president of the university in Lille.

Press conference with the speakers at 5 pm.


Frankfurt, March 30: Vigil for Gaza organised by AK Palaestina-israel/Frankfurt

Hamburg, March 30: Demonstration through the city center, gathering at 5 pm in front of the train station


Crete, April 2: Demonstration in support of sports boycott and protest of the Greece – Israel soccer match in Heraclion.


Bombay, March 30: Land Day and BDS demonstration targeting the Israel – India arms trade organized by various social movements and political parties.

Delhi, March 30: Exhibition, poetry and film commemorating Land Day.


Milan, March 28: Pickets in front several supermarkets organized by Forum Palestina

Rome, March 28: Picket and flyering at an Italian supermarket chain organized by Forum Palestina

Genzano, March 28: Boycott action in front of supermarket organized by Forum Palestina

Bologna, March 28: Flyering in front of supermarkets in the historic center of the city organized by Forum Palestina

Florence, March 28: Sit-ins in front of numerous supermarkets in the city organized by Forum Palestina

Pistoia, March 28: Supermarket sit-in organized by Forum Palestina

Rimini, March 28: Boycott demonstration at supermarkets and strategy meetings

Pisa, March 29: Palestinian dinner and concert with the Palestinian band Maram

Verona, March 29: Boycott event at Teatro Stigmata and conference on BDS organized by Comitato Stop alla Guerra

Paltermo, March 30: A march from the faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Palermo to Auchan.

Catania, March 30: Presentation of the BDS Campaign at the Multikulti

Milan, March 30: Sit-in and demonstration at the Milan municipality building protesting a twinning initiative as well as the training of local police in Milan by the Israeli military forces. Organized by Forum Palestina and Milan Network to Boycott Israel.

Bologna, March 30: Sit-in at Corticella street organized by Forum Palestina

Monsummano Terme, March 30: Supermarket sit-in organized by Forum Palestina

Rome, March 30: Palestine contingent joining trade union demonstration organized by Forum Palestina.

Cagliari, March 30: “Boycott Israel: How and Why?” talk and discussion held by Group Falastin and Friendship Association Sardinia-Palestine

Pesaro, Jesi, Civitanova Marche, Macerata, March 30: Conference, film screening and cultural events organized by Ya Basta!, Campagna Palestina Solidarietà, and Comunità Resistenti

Rome, April 3: Sit-in at the Finmeccanica (Piazza Montegrappa), from 11 am to 1 pm to call for clarifications over alleged arms trade between the state owned company and Israel. The initiative is launched by FIOM, the Italain union of metal workers.


The Hague, March 28: Start of The Peace Cycle in The Hague at the International Court of Justice, passing by the International Criminal Court. That cycling event from The Hague to Brussels calls for suspension of the EU – Israel Association Agreement. Support the petition and see

Utrecht, March 28: Conference from Friends of Sabeel.

Vlaardingen (near Rotterdam), March 29: Memorial meeting from Al Awda, Netherlands Palestine Committee and others.

Utrecht, March 30: Political debate held by the GreenLeft Party.


Kristiansand, March 30: Debate, “How to sanction Israeli human rights violations? Boycott, divestment, sanctions and other mechanisms.” Organized by the Socialist Youth of Norway at the University of Agder.

Oslo, March 30: Three BDS events will be held in Oslo. The Norwegian Association of NGO’s for Palestine (FuP) will hold a debate and workshop entitled, “Boycott, divestment and sanctions – which tools can we use to pressure Israel?” In selected neighborhoods of Oslo, the Socialist Youth will engage in a face to face boycott action, going door to door and informing inhabitants about the BDS campaign, which products to boycott, and how they can get involved. Finally, the Palestine Committee and others will hold a joint BDS demonstration at the Israeli embassy in Oslo.

Oslo, March 30: Palestine activists at the University of Oslo will have a direct action confronting stores at campus selling Israeli goods.

Drammen, March 30: Activists from the Socialist Youth League will organize boycott activities in the center of the city.

Trondheim, March 30: Activists with Friends of Palestine will visit food shops in the town, dressed in black T-shirts, with a letter on each, that together spells: BOIKOTT ISRAEL.


Madrid, March 27: Panel discussion “Palestine and the reconstruction of the Arab resistance”

Cuenca, March 25 – April 22: Cultural Events ” Cinema Series” organized by Accp organization

Cuenca, March 26 – April 2: Exhibitions “Artistas en Palestina”and “Las otras voces de Israel y Palestina” both organized by by Accp organization

Torrelavega, April 5: “Teatro por Palestina” organized by Red Cantabra de Solidaridad con Palestina


Tunis, March 30: BDS conference is planned to discuss anti-normalisation with Israel as well as BDS education and action.


Glasglow, March 29: Supermarket boycott action organized by the PSC.

Edinburgh, March 30: Supermarket boycott action organized by the PSC.

Across the UK, March 30: Mass call to Waitrose and Tesco supermarkets’ customer service to complain about the sale of Israeli products on March 30 across the UK.


Montevideo, March 30: Commemoration of Land Day and talk organized by the Ya Basta! association.


Kentucky, March 28: ‘What Really Happened in Gaza?’ The Louisville Committee for Peace in the Middle East organizes an afternoon with plays, spoken word and testimonies on the siege and attack on Gaza.

Santa Cruz (California), March 29: “We are all Gazans” program consisting of screening Dispatches: The Killing Zone, speakers recently returned from Gaza, and discussion of BDS actions in Santa Cruz.

San Diego (California), March 30: Commemoration of Land Day and film screening of Wounds of the Heart: An Artist and Her Nation sponsored by San Diego Coalition for Justice in Palestine and the San Diego Chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

New York (New York), March 30: New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel (NYCBI) launch of a city-wide boycott Motorola campaign.

Los Angeles (California), March 30: “From la Frontera to Gaza: Chicano-Palestinian Connections.” Focuses on links between Mexico and Palestine, History of Palestine, Boycott as a Non-Violent Tool, and The Right to Education. USACBI event sponsored by the USC Department of American Studies and Ethnicity, Chicano and Latino American Studies, and USC Students for Justice in Palestine.

New Jersey, March 30: Street action to support the March 30 Day of Global Action on Boycott Divest and Sanction Israel. Meet at Corner George & Albany St from 5 to 7 pm.

San Francisco, March 30: Boycott tabling and awareness raising organized by Break the Siege.

San Francisco, April 2: Educational event focusing on BDS strategy organized by Break the Siege and others.


Caracas, March 30: Morning – Demonstration in front of the UN representation in Venezuela, in order to express popular discontent with the UN’s failure to defend the right to self determination and the human rights of the Palestinian people. A letter condemning the lack of action taken to enforce UN resolutions and 2004 ICJ advisory opinion will be handed over.

Afternoon – Global action day activity will be held in the Teatro Municipal, Caracas, with music, film and speeches. The event will show solidarity with peoples oppressed by war and imperialism, particularly in Iraq and Palestine, and promote the Global BDS Palestinian call in Venezuela.

Organized by the local solidarity movement with Palestinian people’s struggle.