‘Azzun fence destroys trees, isolates land
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‘Azzun fence destroys trees, isolates land

Occupation forces began constructing a fence on the northern side of ‘Azzun, east of Qalqilya. Soldiers sealed the area, where they began destroying trees for the path of the fence. The projected route cuts across agricultural roads and will block beleaguered farmers from utilizing their land.

Construction on the fence began several weeks ago, when machinery began uprooting olive trees and breaking others. Residents have been barred from the area and have not been able to estimate their losses.

A source in ‘Azzun stated that more than 500 meters of fencing has been completed. The three meter high fence will eventually stretch for three and a half kilometers. Around seven dunums were confiscated adjacent to the settler road. The pretext, according to the military order, is the protection of settlers who use the road daily.

Also, the fence route severs agricultural roads that farmers from the village have used to access their lands that lie beyond the settler road. There are no planned openings, and farmers will lose any access to their isolated land.

Occupation forces have also continued to close the entrance of the village with dirt mounds and concrete barriers. This has been the case for several months, negatively affecting the movement of residents from 22 communities in the Qalqilya and Tulkarm districts who rely on this point to access their villages.