Two shot and hospitalized on Friday
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Two shot and hospitalized on Friday

***image1***Two young men were hospitalized after being shot at the weekly demonstration against the Wall in Ni’lin. People were also wounded at protests in Bil’in, when soldiers fired on a crowd with a considerable number of children, and Ma’sara. In Jayyus soldiers clashed with youth and occupied the village until after midnight.

Nearly a thousand people joined in the demonstration in Ni’lin this week. Soldiers attacked the demonstration following Friday prayers, leading confrontations between youth and soldiers.

In addition to five who were shot by rubber bullets and dozens others who were affected by tear gas, there were two more serious injuries in Ni’lin on Friday. One was 19-year-old Muhammed ‘Amira, who was shot with live ammunition in the leg. ‘Aqel Srur also suffered several broken fingers and burns when a tear gas bomb hit his hand and exploded. Both were hospitalized in Ramallah.

Another house in Ni’lin was burned this week when soldiers fired tear gas through a window, causing a fire. Owner Hasan Musa Zanun and his five person family have moved to his parents’ house until the their residence is repaired.

The people of Ma’sara and Bil’in both commemorated Children’s Day, using their demonstrations to remember the thousands of children who have been killed by Occupation forces. In Ma’sara, demonstrators were, as usual, assaulted by soldiers, leaving two lightly wounded.

In Bil’in, the march was led by village children who carried signs reading “the Wall kills our hopes and dreams” and “there is no future for us with the Wall and settlements.” Nevertheless, soldiers fired on the crowd, injuring four with rubber bullets.

Also, the day before the demonstration Occupation forces abducted two 16-year-olds from Bil’in. They were beaten and left near the village of Qatana, where they were found after midnight on Friday morning.

In Jayyus, soldiers invaded the village on foot and occupied homes in the center in an attempt to break the weekly protest. Clashes with local youth lasted into the night. Soldiers remained in their positions past midnight, firing off sound bombs to prevent residents from sleeping.