37 injured in protests following the killing of Abu Rahma
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37 injured in protests following the killing of Abu Rahma

***image1***Anti-Wall demonstrations this week commemorated the life of Basem Abu Rahma, who was killed last week in Bil’in. Several were detained and at least 37 were wounded in Ni’lin, Bil’in, Jayyus and al-Ma’sara. 25 of the wounded are residents of Bil’in, where a memorial was set up on Friday for Abu Rahma. Youth in Jayyus have also reported that soldiers have started using only live ammunition against village demonstrations.

500 people joined the protest this week in Ni’lin, which was attacked by soldiers soon after beginning. Confrontations moved from the fields to the streets of the village, with soldiers invading and firing tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at demonstrators. Over the course of the day, seven were injured by such bullets, including one youth who was hit in the right eye.

In addition, a group of settlers gathered on stolen land on other side of the Wall where they staged a counter demonstration.

In Ma’sara, participants dedicated this week’s demonstration to Abu Rahma. Demonstrators marched to the Wall and were met, as usual, by soldiers who had blocked the road with barbed wire. Four people were injured in physical confrontations, including a young boy.

A total of 25 people were injured in Bil’in this week. Protestors marched to the Wall, carrying pictures of Basem Abu Rahma, who was killed last week when he was shot in the chest. Under a hail of tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets, participants succeeded in erecting a memorial for Abu Rahma. During the demonstration, soldiers detained Adeeb Abu Rahma and broke several cameras belonging to news agencies. Attendees of the 4th Annual International Conference of Popular Resistance also marched with villagers.

At Jayyus, youth held their weekly demonstration against the Wall, initially marching to the south side of the Wall. Occupation forces have finished the new route, and are in the process of removing the remnants of the Wall in the area. The demonstration than shifted to the north, where youth cut holes in the fencing. Soldiers than proceeded to invade the village, where they remained until six in the evening and detained and beat one young man.

Youth in the village have noted that soldiers have ceased using rubber-coated steel bullets, and instead are solely firing live ammunition at the demonstrations.