Trade unions support BDS on May Day
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Trade unions support BDS on May Day

***image1***Several demonstrations trade union demonstrations were held in Ireland and Canada at the beginning of May in support of BDS and Palestinian workers. Support for BDS is growing amongst trade unions, with the Australian CFMEU the latest to consider adopting boycott.

In Belfast, Trade Union Friends of Palestine joined a May Day parade in solidarity with Palestinian workers. Marchers carried banners advocating boycott and calling for an to Israeli apartheid. Raising awareness about apartheid has been vital for increasing support for BDS in the trade union movement, and has produced a number of important victories.

In Canada, a march was held in commemoration of May Day as well as in protest of an incident last month when more than 100 undocumented workers were attacked, detained and deported by armed border guards. This is part of a larger crisis facing immigrants, poor and working people in Canada. A Palestine contingent from CAIA took part in this march in solidarity with Palestinian workers and refugees.

Late in April in Australia, organizers and officials from the NSW Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) heard a presentation on BDS presented by activists from BDS Sydney and the Gaza Defence Committee. The union is considering taking up boycott and has held a position in favor of Palestinian rights. The CFMEU has a history of supporting international struggles for justice and self-determination, evidenced by it’s stance toward the East Timorese independence movement and opposition to apartheid South Africa.