mega888 Bil’in marks 40 days since Abu Rahma killing
Bil’in marks 40 days since Abu Rahma killing
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Bil’in marks 40 days since Abu Rahma killing

***image1***Demonstrations in Ni’lin and Bil’in were met with more violence this week. Five were injured in Ni’lin and three in Bil’in, and dozens more suffered from tear gas that Occupation forces showered on the protests. Protestors in Bil’in carried shields and posters of Basem Abu Rahma to mark the 40 days since his death.

In Ni’lin, villagers took positions on the tops of homes prior to the demonstration in an attempt to block soldiers from taking the rooftops. However, the army did not invade the area this week, and following prayers on the land, participants headed for the Wall. Occupation forces fired upon the demonstrations and youth responded with stones. Clashes lasted into the afternoon, resulting in five injuries from rubber coated steel bullets.

Similar scenes played out in Bil’in, where Occupation forces used massive amounts of tear gas to disperse the anti-Wall march. An official delegation joined the regular protestors this week, who gathered after prayers and headed toward the Wall. The demonstration commemorated Basem Abu Rahma, who was killed 40 days ago, and a number of people carried posters of his likeness. Others attached the posters to shields which they carried during the demonstration. Several were hurt after being shot with rubber-coated ammunition.