Another killed in Ni’lin
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Another killed in Ni’lin

Occupation forces shot and killed Yousef Sadiq Srour during a demonstration against the Wall this afternoon in Ni’lin.

Yousef Srour was shot in the chest with a live bullet while he was trying to remove an injured person from the front lines of the demonstration.

Soldiers attacked Ni’lin in the morning, shooting at villagers who were in the midst of praying with tear gas and live ammunition. Four other people were shot with live bullets today; three were hit in the leg and the fourth in the kidney.

This killing marks the most recent victim of the increasing repression being brought down upon anti-Wall mobilizations. While it has been nearly five years have passed since the International Court of Justice ruled that the Wall must be torn down, construction, confiscation and violence continue apace.

Yousef Srour was 35 years old and leaves a wife three children behind. He is fifth person from Ni’lin who has been killed during demonstrations against the Wall in the village.