304 Palestinians face demolition, 20 displaced in June
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304 Palestinians face demolition, 20 displaced in June

Last month, Occupation forces distributed demolition orders to 32 families in the Jordan Valley. The demolitions, if carried out in total, are set to affect 304 people. Demolitions began in June, and on the 17th bulldozers leveled structures in Jiftlik and Wadi Malih, displacing 20 people. For years, the people of the Jordan Valley have faced these types of attacks, which aim to drive them from their lands and clear the land for settlement expansion.

On 31 May, demolition and eviction orders were given to the communities in al-Hadidiya and Khirbet ar-Ras al-Ahmar. Those living in ar-Ras al-Ahmar have been told to leave immediately, while families in al-Hadidiya have received various extensions. Several families were told to evacuate within 24 hours, four others were given 48 hours, and the remaining families have been given court summons to appear at the Occupation military court in Beit Il at the end of June. In total, 201 persons were given 48 hours or less to evacuate.

The entire community of al-Hadidya, with the exception of a single family, is in danger of being expelled. In ar-Ras al-Ahmar, a third of the community, 17 of the 45 families, will be displaced.

On 17 June, three residential structures and 12 other structures, among them animal structures, were leveled in Jiftlik. The owners were not present, as they reside in Jiftlik only in the winter season.

Bulldozers accompanied by soldiers also raided and leveled residential structures in Wadi Malih. Three families, among them 9 children and 3 elderly persons, have lost their homes. 12 animal shelters were also demolished, and animal fodder and shelter material was damaged after being run over by a bulldozer.