International Conference: “Experiences of unification and rejuvenation of the left in Palestine and worldwide”
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International Conference: “Experiences of unification and rejuvenation of the left in Palestine and worldwide”

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On June 26 – 28, the Palestinian National Democratic Progressive Movement (PNDM – Tayyar) will hold a three-day-conference on `Experiences of uniting the left in Palestine and the world` at the meeting hall of the Palestinian Red Crescent in Al-Bireh (Ramallah) and in Gaza.

The conference is organized in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation-Palestine branch. It will be an occasion for activists and party leaders from Palestine and from nine Latin American, European and Asians to discuss the experiences of unification of the left. The conference is divided in seven sessions in the first two days, while the third day will be dedicated to field tours in different districts of the West Bank.

The media spokesman of the conference ‘Omar Nazzal said:

“A number of the leaders of the leftist parties will present working papers that explain how they succeeded in uniting and activating leftist and democratic factions in their countries and how they broadened their popular base. In some cases they were able to take over and lead the country. Others are getting ready to conduct parliamentary elections soon, such as Germany, where the alliance of the leftist movement is expected to win an unprecedented rate of the seats of the parliament. Speakers include Jorge Shafik Handal, member of the parliament of Salvador on behalf of the ruling party, the Farabundo Marti` National Liberation Front, and son of the deceased former candidate for the presidency of Salvador Shafiq Handal of Palestinian origin.”

“The conference aims to enrich the Palestinian left-wing movements with the international experiences that succeeded in activating and uniting the leftist factions. The results, especially in Latin America, Europe and Asia, have been noticeable in that they have brought about a renewal of leftist thought and practice in a number of countries. The Palestinian Left, considering its internal divisions and diminished political impact, stands to benefit as a whole from these experiences. This is especially crucial now in light of the Palestinian rift and risks engulfing the national cause.”