Protestors destroy Wall in Ni’lin
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Protestors destroy Wall in Ni’lin

Youth cut razor wire and smashed motion sensors during the weekly protest against the Wall in Ni’lin. In Bil’in, protestors were accompanied by author and activist Namoi Klein, who held a news conference calling for boycott following the demonstration.

Following prayers on the land, villagers in Ni’lin marched toward the Wall. The group was able to arrive without confronting the army, and youth set to cutting the razor wire in front of the fence. This provoked a reaction from soldiers, and the military jeep that arrived on the scene was promptly showered with stones. Occupation forces fired tear gas, but refrained from crossing the gate.

After brief clashes, village youth moved to a different section of the Wall, cutting more razor wire and smashing motion sensors with large stones, to which Occupation forces responded with barrages of tear gas.

In Bi’lin, demonstrators marched to the Wall chanting slogans and were also showered with tear gas. Local youth burned tires and used slings to hurl stones over the fence and razor wire. Following the demonstration, Klein held a press conference where she reiterated her support for the BDS movement.

The night before the protest, Occupation forces raided Bil’in and arrested several local youth. This is the second time this week the village has been raided and is part of a strategy to deter participation in anti-Wall action.