Early months of summer bring more demolitions for Jerusalem residents
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Early months of summer bring more demolitions for Jerusalem residents

In June and May, Occupation forces destroyed more homes in Jerusalem and issued orders promising many more demolitions in the coming months. The old city and surrounding areas were especially hard hit. At least 60 people, 31 of them children, lost either part or their entire home, while hundreds more face a similar fate.

June was especially bad for Jerusalemites, with 8 homes partially or completely destroyed. The majority of the demolitions occurred in the old city itself. Several people in Jabl al Mukabr demolished parts of their homes so as to avoid the massive fines that result when the city undertakes the action itself.

A number of evacuation and demolition orders were also distributed to Jerusalem residents in June. At least 9 large buildings were issued demolition orders or had appeals denied; one houses 50 people in a number of apartments. A similar 4-story structure is being targeted in at Tur, home to 50, 13 of them children. 13 families in Silwan also received threats, along with a home in Walaja village where 10 people reside.

One home was demolished in May. 40-year-old Abdulnaser ‘Adel Hamidallah leveled his single story home, where he lived with his wife and five children, to avoid a 70,000 NIS fine.

While there were less home demolitions in May, at least 54 people will be affected by new or renewed threats. Three large apartment buildings in Beit Hanina stand to lose their 4th and 5th stories, and several homes in the old city were also issued demolition orders.