Ni’lin and Bil’in face chemicals and tear gas; demonstration in Barta’
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Ni’lin and Bil’in face chemicals and tear gas; demonstration in Barta’

***image2***This Friday, Occupation forces rained tear gas and foul-smelling chemicals on protestors in the villages of Bil’in and Ni’lin during the weekly march. In Barta’, a demonstration was organized at the terminal to protest the conditions imposed on the people there.

The people of Bil’in marched through the village this Friday, as they have done for the past years, calling for the Wall to be torn down and the prisoners released. Upon reaching the gate, protestors forced open the gate and were met by rounds of tear gas and chemical spray fired from an Occupation police vehicle, the latter of which caused dozens of people to vomit. Villagers have begun to don plastic hats, gloves and suits, in addition to masks, to protect themselves from the chemical spray.

The same tactics have been brought to Ni’lin, where Occupation forces used barrages of tear gas and foul smelling chemicals to keep demonstrators away from the Wall. Upwards of 100 people marched toward the isolated lands this week.

In Barta’, Jenin district, a protest was held outside the terminal that isolates the village behind the Wall. Hundreds of people, among them Arab mayors and MKs from the ’48, joined the action. This action comes in response to the most recent example of the abuse at the terminal, when Ramzi Qebaha was beaten and then arrested coming home from a graduation party after he refused to allow soldiers to strip search his wife.