Special forces spotted at Ni’lin demonstration
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Special forces spotted at Ni’lin demonstration

***image2***The Friday demonstration in Ni’lin was held this week without injury to participants, although Occupation forces employ tear gas and chemical spray to keep people away from the Wall. Special forces were again spotted at the demonstration.

In Ni’lin, residents prayed on their land without incident before marching toward the Wall. Villagers and their supporters waving flags and shouting slogans against the Wall and occupation were met with tear gas and sound bombs.

Youth were able to reach the Wall, throwing stones at the fence and military road which cuts through their land. A police vehicle fired waste-smelling chemicals at demonstrators, which pushed them back from the fence in certain areas but failed to quell the protest.

Later, witness stated that seven masked special forces soldiers were seen trying to infiltrate the demonstration. Last month, infiltrators disguised as protestors beat and arrested two youth. This time, however, they were spotted and retreated.