Closure does not stop al Ma’sara protest
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Closure does not stop al Ma’sara protest

Last week, soldiers closed the village of al Ma’sara the night prior to the weekly demonstration. Soldiers threatened coordinators last week, following one of the largest demonstrations of the summer, that if protests were not stopped Occupation forces would begin closing the village.

This move, however, did little to deter and the following day residents supported by international and Israeli activists marched to through the village in protest of the Wall and settlements. Villagers also carried Fateh flags as a message for the party to both adopt the popular resistance as a strategy and make unity a priority for the movement.

Soldiers had put razor wire on the road at the exit of the village and stopped the march, denying people the right to access their land. Protesters stood against the soldiers, holding speeches in Arabic, Hebrew and English. Some stayed longer trying to dissuade young soldiers from serving in an occupying army.