Youth return tear gas in Ni’lin; hundreds march in Bil’in
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Youth return tear gas in Ni’lin; hundreds march in Bil’in

After praying on their land, the people of Ni’lin marched through the olive groves on the edge of the village toward the Wall. Upon reaching the ledge overlooking the fence and military road, youth showered stones on a waiting jeep.

Occupation forces fired barrages of tear gas from jeep-mounted launchers, but failed to break the demonstration or drive people from the area. Soldiers then entered through Wall gates, fanning out in small groups in an attempt to isolate and control groups of protestors.

Clashes occurred up and down the length of the Wall for several hours, with youth responding to tear gas and rubber bullets with stones. Several were hit with the latter, but no serious injuries were reported. Youth also collected unexploded tear gas grenades and hurled them back at soldiers, succeeding in driving them back to the military road a number of times.

In Bi’lin, following a call from the popular committee, hundreds of people gathered for the weekly rally. After marching through the village to the Wall, protestors dragged away piles of razor wire and opened the gate. Occupation forces responded with tear gas and steel-coated rubber bullets, in addition to showering demonstrators with vomit-inducing chemical spray.

In the last several months, 25 have been arrested in Bi’lin during night raids, and 18 are still imprisoned.