Al-Ma’sara protestors march in solidarity with Jerusalemites
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Al-Ma’sara protestors march in solidarity with Jerusalemites

Many residents of al-Ma’sara village gathered again today after the Friday prayer in a protest that was joined by many international and Israeli activists and groups. The protesters carried Palestinian flags and banners calling for halting crimes against civilians, breaking the siege on Jerusalem and stopping the construction of the Wall and settlement on Palestinian land.

The protest left from the center of the village, and participants called for national unity and resistance as they headed towards the Apartheid Wall which is built on village land. When the protesters arrived at the entrance of the village many solders blocked the main road with the barbed wire and prevented the protestors from accessing their land. 3,500 dunums are isolated from the village.

The demonstration concluded with speeches from the popular committee commemorating the 40th memorial of the burning of the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Speeches decried the Judiazation of the city, a process wherein Jewish settlements are expanded while the Palestinian community faces expulsion and house demolitions.