Jerusalem in July: Bulldozers strike Silwan and Beit Hanina
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Jerusalem in July: Bulldozers strike Silwan and Beit Hanina

Beit Hanina was hard hit in July. Early in the month, owner Fiyaz Ibrahim Tawtinji demolished his home himself, following a long legal battle with the municipality. Another demolition happened on July 13 when border police raided the home of Alaa’ Abdelrazeq al Shawiki, forcing the family of eight, 3 of whom are children, out before destroying the house. Also in Beit Hanina a building containing 13 apartments was given another demolition order.

The battle continued in Silwan, where Occupation forces are attempting to destroy an entire neighborhood to make way for a park. On the 13th one home was partially destroyed, affecting 17 people, among them 12 children. A second man in Silwan, in the ‘Ayn Lowza area, carried out the demolition of his residence leaving another 5 people, 3 of whom are children, without a home.

More homes were also issued threats in Silwan. In Wad al-Helweh, border police distributed evacuation and demolition orders to at least 10 families. Near Silwan, in the ‘Abasiya neighborhood, another 34 apartments housing 250 people face demolition.

Shufat was also affected this month. Occupation forces prevented a resident from completing work on the foundation of a new home. In addition, work continued on the expansion of the fortified checkpoint in the Wall separating Shufat from ‘Anata.

In the old city, several people received demolition orders. Another home was razed in Sur Baher, leaving 9 people, among them 7 children, homeless.

Finally, the Occupation municipality also continued its campaign against Palestinian civil society, closing down the Nidal Center for Community Development under the pretext of security. The Nidal Center is a Palestinian organization that provides educational, health, and development services to Jerusalem residents.