Ni’lin protestors destroy sensors, cut through fence
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Ni’lin protestors destroy sensors, cut through fence

The struggle of the village of Ni’lin is still continuing, despite the hot weather, the month of the fasting and new concrete wall. The march began this week after the people finished praying under the olives trees, with about 100 of farmers, youth, and internationals joining in.

The demo divided into two parts, one headed toward the concrete wall while the second went to other part where there are only two fences. Those that reached the concrete burned tires and threw them at sensors; they also created a ladder, climbing the wall and flying the Palestinian flag. A police vehicle sprayed chemical water in an attempt to knock down the flag, and it seems that Occupation forces have recognized, too late, that the concrete wall is useless here in Ni’lin village. This is a message the people have sent before.

The second part of the demonstration encountered a huge number of Occupation forces, more than 50 soldiers and 10 jeeps, that had erected small concrete barriers to hide behind from stones. Soldiers fired a considerable amount of tear gas canisters to force people back, leading to a number of breathing problems that were treated on-site by the first aid medical team.

Youth replied to the shooting of tear gas with stones and unexploded tear gas canisters, causing soldiers to escape and leave their positions. The chemical water and tear gas launchers worked overtime to force the people to withdraw, but the youth accepted the challenge and cut the fences in front of the soldiers. On one occasion live bullets were fired, but no one was injured.

Some people went to fences from another area, where they cut the fences as well as the electric cables that connect the sensors in view of the soldiers. When Occupation forces attempted to pursue youth, demonstrators closed the roads and forced them to advance on foot. Soldiers reached the edge of the village, but the people forced them to back with their own tear gas canisters after five hours of protest.

Report and photos by Ni’lin Youth Center


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