More injuries and arrests as the villages of Bil’in and Ma’sara protest the Wall
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More injuries and arrests as the villages of Bil’in and Ma’sara protest the Wall

***image2***Protestors marched against the Wall in Bil’in and al-Ma’sara on Friday. A solidarity delegation from France joined the people of Bil’in, and two people were injured during the course of the day. Occupation forces have also arrested another member of the Bil’in popular committee.

The demonstration in Bil’in began as usual in the center of the village after prayers. Participants headed toward the Wall, carrying Palestinian flags alongside banners commemorating the ninth anniversary of the second Intifada. A French delegation, including the mayor of the city of Kaysersberg, France, visited Bil’in to learn about the local struggle and join the march. Local organizations and parties also participated.

A UK national and an Israeli were injured in Bil’in, and dozens more suffered teargas inhalation when Occupation forces fired upon the demonstration from behind concrete barriers. The injured included a UK national and an Israeli activist.

The people of Bil’in continue to be targeted in a campaign of raids that has continued for the past three months. The day prior to the demonstration, 32-year-old popular committee member Basel Mansour became the most recent individual taken prisoner.

The weekly march also went as scheduled in al-Ma’sara, with villagers and their supporters meeting soldiers at the edge of the village. Blocked from reaching their lands, participants chanted slogans and held speeches in front of the roadblock before heading back to the village.