Ramallah demonstration: Fury at the PA over Goldstone decision
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Ramallah demonstration: Fury at the PA over Goldstone decision

Nearly a thousand people took to the streets today in Ramallah to protest the position of the PNA on the Goldstone Report. Carrying flags and banners and blocking traffic, people marched and vented their rage against the Palestinian Authority (PA) for failing to take the opportunity to see Israeli war criminals tried in international courts.

Protestors, carrying Palestinian and party flags marched from the Orthodox Club, located outside the immediate center of Ramallah, through the two main squares of the city. Under the watch of the police, hundreds of people joined each of the different contingents to protest what is widely seen as an insult to the people of Gaza and a betrayal of the struggle Palestinian people as a whole.

Anger at the PNA characterized the demonstration, and protestors chanted slogans condemning Salam Fayyad and Abu Mazen, calling the failure to take up the Goldstone Report a missed opportunity and demanding their resignation. Protestors also denounced the role of the US administration in the PA decision and sham investigation which the PA intends to launch.

The Goldstone Report stated that the Israelis were responsible for grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions, war crimes, and serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law. In addition, the report found sufficient evidence to indicate that crimes against humanity were committed during the assault on the Gaza Strip which should be taken up by the International Criminal Court.


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