Ni’lin Demonstration: Free the prisoners of Palestine!
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Ni’lin Demonstration: Free the prisoners of Palestine!

More than 150 people attended the weekly demo against the Apartheid Wall. Protestors held signs with the names of the five Nil’in prisoners, and others called for the freedom of the 11,000 other Palestinians held in Israeli jails. Youth marched with their hands tied, imitating the means soldiers use when they arrest Palestinians. Protesters expressed their surprise at the international community, which fights for the release of one Occupation soldier while ignoring the thousands of Palestinian prisoners.

When the people reached the wall, hidden Border Police were waiting and tried to arrest some of the youth. However, youth noticed and avoided the trap, throwing tear gas launched by Occupation forces.

The protest took place in an area where the Wall consists of fences and sensors, and following the failed arrest attempt jeep mounted launchers showered the area with gas. Many people were caught in the clouds of gas and experienced serious breathing problems in breathing when they stuck in the clouds of the tear gas. Soldiers also targeted medical teams, firing tear gas directly at them.

During clashes, solders tried continually to catch protestors. One youth was hit in the foot with a rubber-coated steel bullet, and medical teams reported 20 tear gas related injuries over the course of the five hour protest.


Report and photos Ahmad Mesleh – Ni’lin Youth Center