Two protestors shot and injured with live ammunition in Ni’lin
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Two protestors shot and injured with live ammunition in Ni’lin

***image2***Around 200 people participated yesterday in the protest in Ni’lin against the Apartheid Wall, including a delegation of Scandinavian students. Two Palestinian demonstrators were shot with live ammunition.

Last week, the popular committee of Ni’lin received information that the Israeli army would ‘step up’ their operations against Ni’lin’s resistance against the illegal Apartheid Wall. This information was confirmed when the demonstration reached the Apartheid Wall yesterday. The fence was expanded with additional concrete blocks and upon arrival, demonstrators were ‘warned’ by the Israeli army that if they would not leave, they would be fired upon with live ammunition again.

Soon after this warning, Israeli forces shot large amounts of teargas into the demonstration, not in the air, but directly towards people. In addition, live ammunition was used against the demonstrators. First, one demonstrator was shot in his leg. Medical volunteers were ready at the site and an ambulance took him to Ramallah hospital, where he received treatment and was sent home after a couple of hours. Another young demonstrators (20 years old) was seriously injured when he was shot with live ammunition between the legs. He was also rushed to Ramallah hospital and is currently undergoing surgery. So far, his condition is stable.

Clashes erupted after the two demonstrators were injured and continued until 4:00 in the afternoon, but there were no more injuries.

The re-introduction of snipers confirms the rumours that the Israeli army wants to lock down the demonstrations in Ni’lin. Ibrahim Ameera, member of the Ni’lin Popular Committee responded: “Even though the Israeli army started using snipers and live ammunition again, this will not stop our struggle. We need to fight Israel’s unjust policy in a peaceful way, and this is what we are doing. We will never give up on our basic human rights, no matter how many concrete blocks the Israelis will put on our land, no matter how many sharp shooters they will use, we will not give up. We know we are fighting for a just cause and in the end, justice will be on our side…”


Report and photos Ahmad Mesleh – Ni’lin Youth Center