Jayyus still held hostage by invasions
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Jayyus still held hostage by invasions

Military incursions into Jayyus continued this past week, as many as three times daily. Clashes and curfews have characterized village life, and undercover units have attempted to trap local youth. Although there has of yet been no serious injuries among the villagers, a group of young men were arrested several days ago.

The severity and frequency of military incursions has increased since the week prior. On Tuesday, Occupation forces approached the village at 9:30 in the morning, firing tear gas and sound bombs into the village before withdrawing. They returned again in the afternoon, this time also sounding off the high-pitched siren. Youth confronted the invaders with stones, and soldiers fired rubber bullets before retreating. Jeeps entered the village for a third time in the evening, sparking more confrontations.

Residents of Jayyus witnessed the same scenes play out on Wednesday, when the day again began with an invasion and curfew. Firing tear gas, sound bombs and rubber bullets, soldiers advanced into the center of town, shattering windows and terrifying villagers. In addition, soldiers closed the south gate to farmers and did not allow them to work their fields.

In the evening, Occupation forces dressed like Palestinians began to set fire to the Wall and called on local youth to join them. The attempt failed, however, and the impostors were forced to flee under a hail of rocks. This is not the first time such undercover units have been used; in the recent demonstrations in Jerusalem, as well as in Ni’lin, soldiers dressed as Palestinians have assaulted and arrested a number of protestors.

The Thursday invasions did not begin until the afternoon, when students were returning from school. Some of the younger students were especially affected by tear gas. Soldiers again restricted farming activities during the day. More incursions were reported in the evening, when soldiers advanced on foot into the village.

On Saturday night, when soldiers arrested a group of 12 young men during the night and brought them for interrogation. 11 were released the same night, and forced to walk in front of a jeep from ‘Azzun to Jayyus. One young man, a student at an Najah university, is still being held.

Several days later, Occupation forces arrested another man, 68-year-old Mohammed Hasan Mohammed Salim. Soldiers broke into his home at 2:30 in the morning on Tuesday and locked his family in a single room. Salim had planned to travel on the haj, and was told by soldiers that he was welcome to take the haj to prison. Soldiers also struck the Salim, breaking his several of his teeth and causing him to faint. His eldest son began shouting at the soldiers, who forced him back into the room. In the end, an ambulance arrived, although it was unclear where it took the man.