Nine rounded up in Jayyus raid
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Nine rounded up in Jayyus raid

Jayyus was the latest target in the ongoing campaign of night raids directed against villages resisting the Wall. Over the period of several nights, Occupation forces arrested 9 from the village, among them two 11-year-old and 12-year-old boys. Recently Jayyus has been subject to ongoing raids and attacks; these arrests are coming during a time of heightened escalation against activists and villages struggling against the Wall.

On Monday night, soldiers raided the village in the late hours of the night, firing sounds bombs between the houses to terrify inhabitants before breaking into the homes of the targeted youths. Of those arrested were three brothers from the same family, among them an 11-year-old boy, in addition to his two older brothers. In addition to another young boy, aged 12, the remainder of those detained were teenagers, with several more 25 or older.

Later, Occupation forces released four of those detained, among them the two young boys. However, in a subsequent raid soldiers re-arrested two of the released for the second time.

This is the latest in a concerted campaign against not only Jayyus, but all the villages actively fighting the Wall in the West Bank. Military invasions reached a peak in November, at times occurring as often as three times a day. Jayyus is not exceptional; and in the past weeks soldiers have been arresting, shooting and terrorizing the residents of Bil’in, Ni’lin and other villages along the Wall.