Why Occupation forces raided the Kan’an home
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Why Occupation forces raided the Kan’an home

***image3***In the early hours of Wednesday morning, masked soldiers entered Ni’lin and made their way to the Kan’an house. They did not announce their intentions, but instead began wrecking the property. Windows were broken with stones, the family car was smashed, and furnishings were turned upside down. During the raid, soldiers screamed at the family and went so far as to hit a younger girl, Dawat, causing her to faint.

According to eyewitnesses, soldiers entered the house with dogs and appeared to be searching for something. At this point, the family was forced out into the cold. When soldiers withdrew, they left residents with papers informing them that they had to present themselves for a review by Occupation intelligence forces.

According to Salam Kan’an, the raid was launched in an attempt to discover video footage that she had shot last year that captures an Israeli soldier shooting a bound and blindfolded Ashraf Abu Rahmah in the foot during a demonstration in the village. The initial publication footage sparked outrage, and in addition to arresting Salam’s father, Occupation forces began harassing the family in retaliation.

Currently a trial is occurring around the incident, and the court has demanded that Salam turn over the original tape. However, she refused. Prior to the raid on the family home, an investigator with the military police contacted her by phone, offering her a financial reward if she agreed to turn over the original tape and drop the court case. Again, she refused.

Salam stated even with the raid and everything that soldiers have done to her family and village will not prevent her from showing a real picture of the Occupation army is doing in Ni’lin.



Photos: Ahmad Mesleh