Israel keeps Mohammad in detention
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Israel keeps Mohammad in detention

Mohammad’s administrative detention order expired on December 22, however, the judge decided to extend the order till 22 January 2010. The judicial review of this new administrative detention order will be held on December 28 at Ofer prison.

Please continue to campaign for Mohammad:

• Follow the blog and Facebook page to free Mohammad Othman to see the latest updates and action alerts.

• Encourage others to join this campaign through petitions, demonstrations and/or letter writing/phone calling. Please provide them with contact information and details;

• Urge your representatives at consular offices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem/Ramallah to demand the immediate release of Mohammad Othman. (Click here for your consular contacts). Sample letters in English and French are below.

• Sign and send a message to President Obama through Jewish Voice for Peace. JVP has launched an online campaign to pressure President Obama to pressure Israel to free Mohammad.

• Let the Israeli Embassy in your country know that you are campaigning for Mohammad’s release and for a just and lasting peace based on international law.

•Bring the case of Mohammad to the attention of local and national media outlets.