Soldiers threaten repression if Ma’sara demonstrations continue
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Soldiers threaten repression if Ma’sara demonstrations continue

Yesterday night, Occupation forces raided al-Ma’sara. At 1:30 in the morning, they hit the home of popular committee member Mohammed Brajiya, smashing the main door. Soldiers entered yelling and screaming, forcing him outside into the cold. This terrified the children of the home, who began crying.

After demanding Brajiya’s identity card, an officer delivered a message from the district military commander. The officer informed him that if the Ma’sara Popular Committee continues to organize weekly demonstrations against the building of the Wall, villagers will face repression and arrest. After that Occupation forces raided the homes of Mahmoud Zawahra and Mohammed Taqatqa, also members of the local committee.

Despite the raid, dozens of villagers, along with international supporters, marched toward the Wall after prayers. When the marchers arrived at the entrance of the village, Occupation forces suddenly raided three homes in the area, stationing snipers on the roof. With at least four to five on each house, residents felt that they would open fire. However, they pressed on to complete the demonstration.

Moath Brajiya gave a speech, sending a message to the commander that the demonstrations would continue, even in the face of repression and terror. He swore that the people would not retreat or surrender, and that they would challenge the occupation and continue to march every week to their stolen lands.