Three more arrested in attempt to crush Ni’lin anti-Wall movement
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Three more arrested in attempt to crush Ni’lin anti-Wall movement

Soldiers pulled three more residents of Ni’lin from their homes early this morning in the latest attack on the local popular resistance. This is the fourth day this week in which villagers have been arrested, marking a serious escalation in the repression of the anti-Wall movement in the village.

Last night, as they have been doing nearly every night this week, Occupation forces entered Ni’lin. In the early hours of the morning, they snatched three individuals. One is young university student, while the others are older fathers with children.

At the beginning of the week, activists’ predicted that the night invasions marked a dangerous development in the repression of the popular resistance. These fears were confirmed, when night raids and arrests continued throughout the week.

A total of 12 people have been arrested this week, and it is likely that the arrests will continue. It seems that Occupation forces are attempting to work on two levels, targeting both the leadership and grassroots support of the anti-Wall movement.

The repression of the popular resistance is not confined to Ni’lin alone. A similar arrest campaign has been ongoing in Bil’in, where more than 30 have been arrested. There are warning signs that such a campaign may begin in al-Ma’sara, with Occupation forces threatening members of the local popular committee at their homes.