Soldiers block tree planting, arrest one after al-Ma’sara protest
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Soldiers block tree planting, arrest one after al-Ma’sara protest

The village of al-Ma’sara held their weekly anti-Wall demonstration, this Friday carrying young olive trees to plant on their isolated lands. They were blocked by Occupation forces, who made good on their threats against the popular committee and arrested one at the close of the demonstration.

Nearly 150 Palestinians, accompanied by international supporters, participated in this week’s demonstration. Held under the banner of “Day of the Tree”, activists carried some 50 olive saplings to plant beyond the Wall.

Demonstrators were met by dozens of soldiers, who had pulled barbed-wire across the road. A number of participants attempted to pull away the barrier and continue on to the land, but were shoved back by soldiers.

During the demonstration, Fatima Brajiya of the Ma’sara Popular Committee, spoke out against the night raids in the village, and emphasized that the people would continue to confront the occupation and the Wall.

With the demonstration drawing to a close and participants heading back toward the village, soldiers arrested Saed Brajiya, a member of the popular committee and father of eight. He was released later in the evening.