Two Ni’lin prisoners released, demonstrations continue
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Two Ni’lin prisoners released, demonstrations continue

In spite of a week of arrests and raids, the people of Ni’lin marched against the Wall this Friday. Prior to the demonstration, residents celebrated the release of several prisoners, on of whom had been held for some four months.

Nearly 150 people marched toward the Wall this Friday, passing through the gate of the concrete wall and onto the fence where soldiers were waiting. Participants chanted slogans against the Wall and condemned the settlements and the ongoing repression of the popular movement.

Clashes between Occupation forces and youth and continued into the afternoon. Soldiers crossed through one of the main Wall gates, pursing protestors and firing tear gas along with live and rubber ammunition.

As the afternoon drew to a close, soldiers drew closer to the village, firing tear gas between homes.

The demonstration his Friday comes on the heels of a week-long arrest campaign, in which 12 were arrested. Mustafa Ameera, who had been arrested solely because Occupation forces have been searching for his son, was released. Mohammed Ameera was also released Thursday night, following months in jail.