Army attacks Ni’lin overnight
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Army attacks Ni’lin overnight

Early this morning, Occupation forces attacked Ni’lin and arrested Rateb Mustafa ‘Ameera. Fierce clashes broke out in the streets, with residents defending their homes and soldiers firing live ammunition.

As has become routine, soldiers on foot along with jeeps entered the village sometime around two in the morning. They broke into the home of Mustafa ‘Ameera, arresting his son Rateb. Several days prior, Mustafa himself had been arrested and later released in an attempt to put pressure on his son.

Occupation forces then went to several more homes before being confronted on the streets in the several parts of the village. Soldiers opened fire with live ammunition, and continued shooting until they withdrew.

For nearly two weeks, Ni’lin has faced nearly nightly incursions. 18 have been arrested this month, 16 since January 12. So far, with the exception of Mustafa ‘Ameera, all remain jailed. The rising level of anger in Ni’lin is palpable, and Occupation forces are gravely mistaken if they believe that these arrests will break the protests.