Diplomats hear testimony of Ni’lin repression
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Diplomats hear testimony of Ni’lin repression

Fifteen European diplomats carried out a fact-finding visit to the village of Nil’in yesterday to listen to the testimonies of residents targeted for arrest by Occupation forces. Many human rights defenders in the village have been subject to a campaign of arrests for their involvement in activities in protest of the Wall.

As the visit was taking place, Captain “Fuad”, nickname of Israeli intelligence officer responsible for the area, called one of the activists threatening his arrest. Those present, including the European diplomats, witnessed the phone call on speakerphone. The captain demanded that the young man present himself at Ofar military prison for arrest. The young man pleaded with the officer as his family was threatened.

Testimonies of human rights defenders included the brother of Aqel Srour, killed by sniper fire while trying to aid his friend to the ambulance; Mohammed Ameera, who spoke about the arrests of his father and brother for the sole purpose of forcing him to hand himself over to the authorities; and Jamil Srour, shot in the abdomen with live ammunition while standing at his doorstep.

Mohammad Ameera, one of the anti-Wall activists appealed to the diplomats: “I have a message to you as diplomats. I want to talk about the ruling of the International Court of Justice against the Wall. It is your responsibility to force your countries to implement the ICJ decision. We count on you.”

The representative of the European Commission thanked the people for their testimonies and underlined the European support for the ICJ ruling and the protection of human rights.