mega888 Burin residents mobilize against demolitions
Burin residents mobilize against demolitions
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Burin residents mobilize against demolitions

Hundreds of Palestinians participated in a crowded demonstration in Burin yesterday. The march was organized in protest of the Occupation forces’ decision to demolish the Suleiman al Farsi mosque in the village, along with a group of storage structures close by. This was done on the pretext that the structures fall in Area C, with the full knowledge that the mosque is located inside the residential area of the village, close to nearby homes constructed before 1967.

The protest came after calls from the Burin Popular Committee, the Burin municipality, and the National and Islamic Forces. Hundreds held Friday prayers at the threatened mosque, where Occupation forces fired tear gas at demonstrators in an attempt to disperse them. Demonstrators responded to these attacks with stones.

With settlements to the north, east and southwest, Burin, is one of the villages in the area that suffers from continuous settler attacks.