One arrested during Ni’lin protest
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One arrested during Ni’lin protest

***image2***Occupation forces continued to employ the same tactics in Ni’lin, firing on and arresting demonstrators this Friday.

More than 150 people from the village, supported by several foreign activists who had to enter the village through on foot after Occupation forces declared the village a closed military area. Soldiers were stationed at the two main entrances of the village this week, where they barred media from entering the village.

After completing Friday prayers, demonstrators marched toward the military gates in the Apartheid Wall, raising banners and chanting for the freedom of Palestinian prisoners, in particular those from the village. Since last month, Occupation forces have arrested 22 residents in what have become regular night raids.

This week, soldiers attacked the marchers before they arrived to the main gate. Youth confronted soldiers, who fired round after round of tear gas directly toward the demonstration. Occupation forces have also started using a new type of sound bomb, characterized by a much higher sound than the previous type. A number of demonstrators suffered from the high volume of tear gas that was fired, and were treated by Red Crescent volunteers who were on the scene. Soldiers also fired live ammunition during the demonstration, and snipers were present.

Occupation also continued their attempts to arrest demonstrators. During the protest, the main gate was opened in the Wall, and two soldiers carrying nothing but pistols rushed out from the gate toward demonstrators. They pursued protesters for more than a kilometer and a half, catching one demonstrator from a nearby village who had come to in solidarity with Ni’lin. Soldiers assaulted the man before taking him to an unknown location.

Later on, soldiers tried to capture two youth. However, demonstrators thwarted this attempt when hurled tear gas toward the soldiers, who responded with live fire. Clashes continued into the hours of the evening, but no more were arrested.

Report and photos Ahmad Mesleh – Ni’lin Youth Center