Rain and tear gas fail to stop demonstrations
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Rain and tear gas fail to stop demonstrations

Despite the stormy weather, anti-Wall activists rallied in demonstrations across the West Bank. Soldiers fired tear gas and rubber bullets at demonstrators in Bil’in, Nil’in, al-Ma’sara and Nabi Saleh. Prior to the demonstration, Occupation forces also invaded al-Ma’sara, delivering more threats to the local popular committee.

In Bil’in Palestinian, Israeli, and International activists braved rain and harsh winds and marched to the Wall where they were met with tear gas. People attempted to distribute “wanted signs”, for crimes against humanity, with the face of the local army commander to the soldiers positioned on the other side of the fence.

In the nearby village of Ni’lin, residents also gathered in their weekly protest against the Wall. After Friday prayers, protestors marched to Wall, condemning recent Occupation plans to include Palestinian holy sites, as “Israeli heritage” sites. Soldiers fired on the demonstration with tear gas, and youth responded with stones, Clashes continued in the fields and in the village, where soldiers took over roofs and launched tear gas from all directions, causing dozens of breathing problems.

In al-Ma’sara, residents demonstrated despite threats leveled at the popular committee. Early Friday morning, three Israeli jeeps entered the village and entered the home of popular committee coordinator Mohammed Brajiya, threatening him and other committee members with arrest if they organize or attend demonstrations.

Despite this provocation, village residents gathered before marching to the Wall’s construction site. This week marked an escalation of violence, and as dozens of community members attempted to exit the village, the Israeli military closed the road and snipers positioned on roof tops opened fire with tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades.

Protests also continued this week in Nabi Saleh, where dozens of residents suffered from tear gas inhalation. One was also shot with a rubber-coated bullet.