Addameer and Stop the Wall launch:
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Addameer and Stop the Wall launch:

Addameer and Stop the Wall announce the launch of a new website to support their joint campaign to free Palestinian human rights defenders active against the Wall: provides the latest news, background information, prisoner profiles, videos, current statistics, and everything you need to stay updated and take action on this important issue.

Recent months have seen an ongoing, systematic campaign of repression in the occupied West Bank levied by Israel against Palestinian human rights defenders active against the Wall. At present, Stop the Wall and Addameer estimate that there are approximately 103 Palestinian human rights defenders held in Israeli custody from the villages of Ni’lin, Bil’in, Al-Ma’sara, Beit Duqqu, Jayyus, Budru, Nabi Saleh, Hossan and Tulkarem.

For Palestinian human rights defenders active against the Wall, Israeli intimidation efforts are pervasive: Israeli military orders ban all political activity and demonstrations in the OPT, whether peaceful or not; Palestinians who exercise their fundamental human rights to expression and peaceful assembly and take part in the demonstrations anyway are harassed, threatened, arrested, detained, and prevented from travelling abroad to speak about their resistance efforts, or are harassed even more upon their return; those who are charged with offenses in the Israeli military courts face almost certain conviction and imprisonment by a military justice system that is heavily biased against them; those who are not charged are nonetheless often levied with administrative detention – indefinite detention without charge or trial – large fines and bans from participating in demonstrations of any kind, and are frequently subjected to increased threats and harassment by Israeli forces, both individually and with their community.

Evidence collected by both organizations indicate that the widespread arrests and broad, repressive policies against individual human rights defenders and entire communities that act in opposition to the Wall are designed to criminalize legitimate human rights activities and put a stop to any opposition to the Wall.

However, Israel’s repressive actions against human rights defenders violate both international human rights and humanitarian law, which recognize and codify a number of international standards applicable to the Palestinians involved in protests against the Wall, including freedoms of expression, peaceful assembly, the right to life, humane treatment and freedom from arbitrary detention or discrimination, and protection as human rights defenders.

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For more information on the repression of activists and communities involved in the popular movement against the Wall, read “Repression Allowed, Resistance Denied”, a detailed report by Stop the Wall and Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, or contact us directly:

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