New threats to anti-Wall activists in al-Ma’sara
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New threats to anti-Wall activists in al-Ma’sara

After the Palm Sunday arrests, the repression in Bethlehem district, and in particular in al-Ma’sara, is clearly escalating.

At 11pm on Thursday April 8th occupation forces raided the home of Hassan and Mohammad Brijeyeh. Mohammad Brijeyeh is the coordinator for the Stop the Wall popular committees in Bethlehem district and Hassan, his brother, is as well since the beginning involved in the weekly popular protests in al Ma’sara.

***image2***The Israeli military kept Hassan in a jeep for about an hour while asking for his brother Mohammad. Hassan continued to be held and threatened until Mohammad arrived. After an hour they were both released. The soldiers threatened that if there were any “problems” at the demonstration tomorrow, Mohammad Brijeyah would be arrested. Soldiers also threatened committee member Mahmoud Zawahre by telling Hassan and Mohammed to “send their regards to Mahmoud”.

The home of Mohammad and Hassan has been raided multiple times since the beginning of the year due to their involvement in demonstrations against the wall and settlements. Both Hassan and Mahmoud Zawahre were arrested at the Palm Sunday demonstration in Bethlehem and have court on April 18th.

All three, Mohammad and Hassan Bijeyah as well as Mahmoud Zawahre, were arrested as well at the May 1 protest 2009 – the first arrests of members of the popular committee against the Wall and the settlments in al-Ma’sara. After three hearings, the military prosecution was not able to bring forward any charges.

Today’s rally was held as every Friday. The participants called upon the international community to intervene to stop the Israeli campaign of arrests and repression against Palestinian activists.

The popular committee denounced in particular the arrests and detention of Palestinian children by the Israeli occupation authorities, highlighting in particular the cases of Nash’at Jaradat (10 years old) and sind Abu Mughier from Um Sharayet in Ramallah (12 years old). Both are held in Ofar prison. They further denounced the raids of this night.