Ni’lin: every Day is Prisoners’ Day
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Ni’lin: every Day is Prisoners’ Day

***image2***More than one hundred fifty people joined the weekly march against the Apartheid Wall today, April 16, Prisoners’ Day. As always, the people first gathered for the Friday prayer on land near the Wall, during which time Imam Salah Mohammed Tayeh Khawaja underlined in his speech that in Palestine, every day is Prisoners’ Day. He stated, “The prisoners shall never be forgotten in our minds and actions as they are an important part of the struggle against the occupier.”

After prayer, the people started the march and chanted against the occupation and the dispossession of the people of Palestine in general and of the people of Ni’lin in particular. Palestinian flags were raised by protestors and chants called for the release of all Palestinian prisoners and in particular the 14 anti-Wall activists from Ni’lin that currently languish in the jails of the Israeli prisons. Their trials have sometimes been postponed for months and none of them have any chance that the trials they face will respect international standards.

As the demonstrators came to the Apartheid Wall, occupation forces were stationed there and started firing a huge amount of teargas canisters at the demonstrators, resulting in breathing problems for many of the villagers. Soon afterwards clashes broke out between the military and the youth, who extended confrontations along the wall which lasted for nearly four hours.