mega888 Nabi Saleh: rally in the occasion of workers day
Nabi Saleh: rally in the occasion of workers day
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Nabi Saleh: rally in the occasion of workers day

On the occasion of May 1, the Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements in Nabi Saleh organized a rally after Friday prayers. The General Union of Palestine Labor Vocational Associations, represented by Hassan Sharake and the Fatah movement represented by Raed Radwan, were guest speakers. Both stressed the importance of the popular resistance against the occupation and Israeli repression and the importance of the full participation of all segments of the Palestinian people, in particular the Palestinian workers.

After the speeches everyone marched towards the land threatened with confiscation, south of the village. However, an overwhelming number of occupation forces were stationed there and started firing teargas canisters and rubber-coated metal bullets into the crowd. They also used automatic teargas launchers which fire 64 teargas canisters at once.

The attempts of the military to suppress the march led to the outbreak of clashes between the demonstrators and occupation forces. The confrontations soon spread to other parts of the village. Occupation forces were trying to besiege the protestors while the villagers did their best to prevent the military from detaining any of the participants or storming the village. The clashes went on until long into the afternoon, however no arrests or serious injuries have been reported.