Ramallah district: Ni’lin youth pushes invading IOF out of the town
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Ramallah district: Ni’lin youth pushes invading IOF out of the town

The escalation of violent practices of the occupation forces against the weekly protests in Ni’lin continues. The occupation forces are now regularly invading Ni’lin on Fridays and stay stationed between the homes of the residents. Nevertheless, the village youth fight back effectively.

Today’s protest began with prayers Friday near the land confiscated by the occupation for the construction of the Apartheid Wall. After that, demonstrators marched towards the land, carrying for the second consecutive week images of Ni’lin’s prisoners in Israeli jails. Before reaching the Wall, the people changed the course of the march and directed it towards an area they normally don’t go to.

In fact, they caught the Israeli military by surprise. However, it did not take long for the occupation forces to attack the march. This time they used military jeeps and prompted the participants to retreat into areas near the houses. There, violent confrontations erupted between the youth of the village and the soldiers who, despite their large number, did not have the courage to get out of their military jeeps. The youth continued to target the military jeeps and effectively smashed the windows of some of them.

At that point, it was the occupation forces that had to retreat from the village and move back towards the Apartheid Wall. The youth still followed them to ensure they left the village land completely, but were drowned in heavy teargas clouds.

In Bil’in, the General Union of Palestinian Workers represented by Hassan Sharake and the PNA minister of work were present at the protest. The GUPW had brought busses to show solidarity with Bil’in.

Some 500 people marched together to the Wall after the Friday prayers to continue the ongoing struggle against the village. As soon as they reached the Wall area, the Israeli military fired tear gas and rubber-coated metal bullets at the crowd. Two al-Jazeera journalists and two international supporters were detained but later on released.