Al Ma’sara: Nakba sees renewed threats to activists
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Al Ma’sara: Nakba sees renewed threats to activists

The commemoration of the 62nd anniversary of the Nakba was preceded by another night raid in Al Ma’sara. A new military commander has been appointed for the south of the West Bank and he informed the Stop the Wall coordinator for Bethlehem district know he is still a target.

On Thursday, Israeli occupation forces entered the village in five vehicles. This was the eighth time since the beginning of 2010 that the home of Mohammad Brijiyeh, the Stop the Wall coordinator for the Bethlehem district, was invaded by the military. Twelve soldiers stormed the house at 10.45 on Thursday night and asked for Mohammad Brijiyeh, other soldiers went to his parent’s house, searched it and asked for him.

When Mohammad Brijiyeh returned he was surprised to find the occupation forces at his home. The occupation forces communicated with him through a soldier speaking Arabic, who told him that the new military commander of the South of the West Bank came to his home and that his message was to threaten Brijiyeh with arrest, and other forms of harassment, if the weekly marches in Al Ma’sara continued.

Such continued harassment from the Israeli military has had a psychological impact on Mohammed’s family, most notably his children. Sudail, the three year old daughter of Mohammad Brijiyeh, cried all night shivering from fear and did not rest until the morning. The repeated incursions by the Israeli occupation forces to their home are taking a high toll on her and Thursdays have become a day of apprehension and fear for Mohammed’s children.