Ni’lin calls for Boycott of Israeli goods
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Ni’lin calls for Boycott of Israeli goods

For two years now, the village of Ni’lin, week after week, has taken part in a struggle against the Apartheid Wall and the Settlements. On this occasion, the Friday prayer which precedes the weekly protests was dedicated to the memory of all the sacrifices the village has had to make, while protestors carried banners calling for the boycott of Israeli goods to mark the way forward.

***image2***During the Friday prayer, the people remembered the five activists killed in the struggle against the Wall and the settlements, the hundreds of injured, and the over 150 people that have been jailed during the last two years as a result of the weekly protests. They pointed out that the Occupation Forces has attempted all ways and methods to stop people from continuing their struggle, but failed in their attempts. The people pledged to continue their steadfastness in defense of their land and rights.

After the prayer, the people gathered in a protest and marched towards the Wall. They carried banners calling for the boycott of Israeli settlement products and raised Palestinian flags. They shouted slogans condemning the settlements and their products. They underlined that all the money spent on these products is money used to fight the Palestinian people and steal their land.

When the protest arrived at the gate in the Apartheid Wall, the gate had been tightly sealed in advance and the soldiers were hiding behind concrete blocks. The military started firing teargas at demonstrators and the youth responded by throwing stones at Israeli soldiers. A number of young people tried to sabotage the electrical wires on the Wall and to cut them. However, the heavy presence of Israeli military spoiled the effort.

The Israeli military tried to attack the youth and to arrest at least one of them. However, they noticed the soldiers approaching between the Wall and razor wire and all were able to leave the area without injuries or arrests.