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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Weekly Stop the Wall Repression Update

Scope: Repressive measures against Palestinian human rights defenders active against the Wall and the settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Period: Monday May 17 to Monday May 24 2010


1) Arrests of HRDs

A low number of arrests have been recorded this week. However, two HRDs have been arrested in al-Ma'sara in a planned act of stepping up repression.

The lack of fair trial has been underlined by the proceedings against Jamlat al Mughrabi, who has been banned from Sheikh Jarrah after having been attacked by settlers.

2) Violence against HRDs

Two serious injuries have occurred, one in al-Ma'sara and one in Bil'in.

The IOF has experimented yet another type of weapon on the people in al-Ma'sara this week on Friday. The fact that Israel continuously uses Friday protests as a testing field for new weaponry is highly worrying and may endanger in some cases the health of the population and HRDs.

3) Collective punishment

Raids in Beit Ummar have continued while IOF entered Husan in search for volunteers promoting the settlement boycott campaign.

1) Arrests of HRDs

New arrests



 Place: al- Ma'sara

Date of arrests: Friday May 21

Names: Iyad Muhammad Zawahra 23 years Mahmoud Abed Zawahra 23 years

Circumstances: The IOF stormed his home at 6 pm on Friday. Soldiers beat him and his 60-year old father 60. Gas and sound bombs were thrown into the home. Activists reported an unusual high presence of IOF in the area, apparently prepared to step up repression.




No information available.



No information available.



No information available.


Place: Jerusalem

Date: Tuesday May 18 2010

Type: Ban on Jerusalem resident from Sheikh Jarrah

Circumstances: Israeli authorities banned a Jamlat Al-Mughraby, Palestinian resident of Jerusalem from entering Sheikh Jarrah for one month and fined her 800 Shekels for assaulting an Israeli citizen in the flashpoint neighborhood two weeks prior.

Jamlat al-Mughrabi was living with her sister, one of the Palestinian families evicted by settlers at the end of 2009. She was beaten by Israeli settlers in the neighborhood, which prompted Al-Mughraby to "punch her in the face."
At the time, Al-Mughrabi was transferred to hospital for treatment of injuries sustained during the assault, and was detained after she went to the local police station to launch a formal complaint against her alleged attacker.  Al-Mughraby was taken to the Russian Compound detention center and detained for one day, following which a court hearing was held.


2) Violence against HRDs


No information available.


Injuries with life rounds


No information available.

Other serious injuries


Place: al- Ma'sara

Date of injury: Friday May 21

Names: Hassan Brijiyeh 37 years

Circumstances: During the weekly protest, Hassan hit directly in the head by a teargas canister. He started vomiting and temporarily lost the capacity to move one of his hands.


Place: Bil'in

Date of injury: Friday May 21

Names: Tariq Adnan 14 years

Circumstances: As part of the Israeli repression of the weekly anti-wall march, the 14-year old disabled boy was shot in the foot with a teargas canister.




Place: Al Ma'sara

Date: Friday May 21 2010

Type: new weaponry tested

Circumstances: Eyewitnesses report that the Israeli occupation forces used a new type of teargas. The canisters seem to follow movement until they have hit a target, whether a wall, a barrier or a person.


3) Collective Punishment

Damage of property


Place: Bil'in

Date: Friday May 21 2010

Type: Large areas of agricultural lands owned by Nasser Abu Rahmeh were set ablaze by the teargas canisters fired off at random by the Israeli military.




 The military orders against Ni'lin and Bil'in, declaring the areas between the built-up area and the Wall a closed military zone is still in act.




Place: Husan village

Date: Thursday May 20 2010

Circumstances:  20 Volunteers with the PNA lead settlement goods boycott campaign reported Israeli forces entered the Husan village, west of Bethlehem, searching for them. Four Israeli military jeeps raided the village at 1pm in the afternoon, searching for the campaign's volunteers, stopping passer-bys and asking where we were.

Place: Beit Ummar

Date:  May 24 2010

Circumstances:  IOF raided the homes of three residents and used their roofs as vantage points. The home owners are Kayed Sleibi, Ibrahom Muqbel, and Muqbel Muqbel. The raid happened after clashes were centered in front of the Karmi Tsur settlement, with Israeli forces firing tear-gas canisters and rubber bullets.




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