Abu Jamal is free, but not safe yet!

At dawn on Friday, January 8th, armed Israeli soldiers raided the house of Palestinian farmer and human rights defender Khaled Daraghmeh (Abu Jamal), from the village of al-Luban al-Sharqiyya, southern Nablus district. After desperate attempts by his wife to stop the soldiers, who brutally assaulted her, they arrested Abu Jamal and took him to an […]

Munther Amira released from prison!

A committed activist that tirelessly mobilizes popular peaceful resistance and steadfastness, had been arrested on December 27 during a protest against the imprisonment of Ahed Tamimi. After six months in jail, on Wednesday, June 6, Munther has been released.  Munther Amira had been arrested during a protest and then participating in a protest for the […]

Warm Welcome To A Hero

All the neighborhood are present. The street is embellished with flags and banners. Family, friends, and neighbors are gathered. They are waiting for a hero.  Watch the video   Food is being prepared. Drums sounds between the stone walls and can be heard from a long distance. More people gathers in the street. 23 years old […]

Israeli forces suppress Nakba march and arrest Mazen al-Azzeh

Israeli forces suppress Nakba march and arrest coordinator of the Popular Campaign in Bethlehem 15-5-2013 Yesterday Israeli forces arrested Mazen al-Azzeh, coordinator of the Popular Campaign against the Wall and settlements in Bethlehem. This took place while he participated in a march in Bethlehem to mark 65 years of the Nakba (catastrophe). The presence of […]