Massive march in Wad Rahal in solidarity with the Freedom Flotilla
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Massive march in Wad Rahal in solidarity with the Freedom Flotilla

Yesterday, the village of Wad Rahal was the site of a march in protest of the construction of the Apartheid Wall which has seized hundreds of acres of land owned by the people of the village. The march was held under the umbrella of solidarity with the massacre and wounding of human rights activists onboard the Freedom Flotilla bound for Gaza.

In keeping with the many other protests that erupted throughout the Occupied West Bank since the Israeli affront to the multilateral humanitarian effort for Gaza, the protesters at Wad Rahal expressed their solidarity with the participants of the Freedom Flotilla by raising flags of the countries that supported the attacked fleet. Participants also marched with a model ship towards the Wall, but Israeli Occupation Forces prevented the protesters from reaching their destination of land threatened with Israeli confiscation.

The participants staged a sit-in in front of the Wall and started chanting slogans in support of Palestinian rights and the efforts of Turkey and the Freedom Flotilla. Israeli settlers from Efrat, a settlement built on land belonging to the village of Wad Rahal, emerged from their homes and formed counterparties that began firing curses of hatred against Arabs.

Shadi Rahal, the coordinator for the Popular Committee Against the Wall in the village of Wad Rahal affirmed the continuation of the grassroots campaign against Israeli transgressions in spite of the inevitable brutal aggression protestors will confront from Israeli Occupation forces. Moreover, the Wad Rahal coordinator underlined the necessity of keeping the memory of the attack of the Freedom Flotilla alive in order to end the Israeli siege on Gaza, and for the sake of the Palestinian cause as a whole.