IOF burns large areas of olive trees to suppress Ni’lin protest
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IOF burns large areas of olive trees to suppress Ni’lin protest

On June 25th, 2010, dozens of demonstrators suffered from suffocation and large tracts of land planted with olives trees burned as result of the Israeli Occupation Forces drowning the area in tear gas to suppress the week protest in the village of Ni’lin (Ramallah District).

The demonstrators marched after the Friday prayer to the Apartheid Wall with the participation of international solidarity activists. When they tried to cross the Wall and reach the confiscated land owned by the inhabitants of Ni’lin, the Occupying Forces fired tear gas directly at the crowd, suffocating dozens of people and burning large swaths of land planted with olives trees that belong to the Kinan family of the village.

Afterwards, the Occupation Forces, who were stationed behind the Wall’s cement blocks, fired tear gas at the demonstrators and opened the gate of the Wall to chase the protesters after have been inhaling gas in their efforts to arrest them. They failed in their attempt and they continued pursuing the demonstrators until they reached the outskirts of the village.

The Israeli Occupation Forces continue in their harsh suppression of these weekly protests even though it flagrantly violates the freedom of these activists whose rights to freedom of expression and assembly are protected under international law.