IOF create security zone to shut out the weekly protest in Wadi Rahal
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IOF create security zone to shut out the weekly protest in Wadi Rahal

On Friday July 16th, 2010, Israeli Occupation Forces suppressed the weekly march against the Wall and settlements in the village of Wadi Rahal (Bethlehem District). The march included the participation of international solidarity activists and commemorated the memory of Khaled Al-Azzeh, a member of the Popular Struggle Front politburo and the Bethlehem popular committee against the Wall and the settlements who was killed in a car accident 40 days ago.

The march began in the center of the village and moved towards the area of the Wall. The demonstrators were caught off-guard when the Israeli Occupation Forces sealed of the Wall and prevented the demonstrators from approaching the regular site of picketing. This was the first time since the beginning of the weekly protests in Wadi Rahal that the Occupation Forces shut off the area as a “security zone” and banned people from entering Israel.

Afterwards, the Occupation Forces threatened the protesters and demanded that they evacuate the site within five minutes. However, the protestors did not concede to the threats and remained near the Wall. When the march attempted to progress further towards the Wall, the Occupation Forces began assaulting them and beat several demonstrators.

During the event, Shady Fawagrah delivered a speech honoring those who died resisting Israeli Occupation and he ensured that popular resistance would continue. He also stressed the importance of the role played by the popular committees in exposing the practices of the occupation and delivering a message to the world that Israel is not the victim, but the executioner. Finally, he also spoke about the importance of national Palestinian unity in delivering the voice of the Palestinian people.