mega888 Ni’lin: Popular resistance will continue!
Ni’lin: Popular resistance will continue!
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Ni’lin: Popular resistance will continue!

100 international solidarity activists from France and Norway participated in the weekly protest. The march was violently repressed causing dozens of activists to suffer from tear gas inhalation.

The protestors held the Friday prayer on land close to the Wall. The speech of the Imam underlined the importance of upholding the national and popular resistance as well as the need for political unity in order to be able to confront the occupation policies.

After prayer, the protest started and the crowd attempted to reach the land isolated behind the Wall. The Israeli military stationed there immediately began firing large amounts of tear gas. The effect of the tear gas was further intensified by high temperatures. The occupying forces set up a number of ambushes for the protesters and even opened the gate in the wall at a certain point to lure protestors into a trap in order to be able to arrest them. However, even though the military chased village youth to the entrance of the village, they could not make any further arrests.